Pretty in Pink

Today’s post is a nice bright pretty one for these dreary cold winter days.  Sailthru’s cabbage-ware is one of the most popular amongst our client base The ceramics displayed in this post showcase our cabbage-ware in pink and white. We mostly sell cabbage-ware in white and cabbage green, but this pink and white combo makes for a lovely bright setting.  Think this would be lovely for a girly lunch or a tea-party!

Pretty in Pink!

Pretty in Pink!

This setting was actually an order placed and before it was shipped off we took some photos, and combined it with our Rose-tea cups and a pretty assortment of fabric hearts.  Our fabric hearts are made by Baptista, our multi-talented staff member, who sews anything and everything for us here on the farm.  These hearts can be done in a variety of different colours and materials.  They are very cute to use as gift-tags, string up in a little girls room/nursery, add to a pot plant as decoration for a table (as we have done in the pictures bellow), there are endless cute uses for these little hearts!

Fabric Hearts

Fabric Hearts

Bunny love

As you can see from the photo above, we have an assortment of plates in pink and white Cabbage-ware.  The planters are also made by Sailhru, they are gorgeous! Being a botanist I am obsessed with plants and have many of these pots scattered around our house filled with Durante erecta (these are the pretty bright green plants in the pictures), bright annuals like Pansies/Petunias or even a mixture of succulents.  We grow the Durante above on the farm in a small nursery I’ve started and sell the pots all planted up. Nice and convenient and pretty!

<3 Fabric Hearts <3

Fabric Hearts

Pink and white Cabbage-Ware

Pink and white Cabbage-Ware

In the photo above the Cabbage side plate in pink is displayed as well as – stacked – the large white Cabbage lay-plate, pink dinner and white Zelda starter plate (these three are shown bellow also).

Cabbage-ware plates

And now for the newly moulded and very cute Bunny and Heart Ramekins!  The bunny is just beautiful, I am in love with it, can just picture it on an easter breakfast table. The heart ramekins are so cute, would be perfect for the dinner table with crème brûlée or chocolate pudding baked and served in them for pudding, yummy!

Mr Bunny

Mr Bunny

Heart Ramikins

Heart Ramekins

Last up are the pretty Rose teacups used in the photos, they form part of a whole Rose tea set and are very dainty and perfect for any Rose enthusiast.

Rose teacup and saucer

Rose teacup and saucer

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, keep warm and snug, it’s going to be a chilly one!


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