Sailthru Ceramics is a family-run ceramics factory which operates from our beautiful family farm. We are nestled in the stunning Loskop Valley in South Africa.

The factory was started way back in 1990 by my mom Lynne, aunt Gillian and my grandmother Iris. It has been producing unique, quality ceramics for the home ever since.

The factory is currently run by my mother Lynne, who is the driving force behind everything. My Mom has impeccable taste and is the creative inspiration behind Sailthru’s success. My mom and dad live just up the garden from us with my two brothers who are at University and my Granny lives right next door to them, we are a very close family. I’m going to be managing the blog-side of things for my mom so I’ll quickly introduce myself, I’m Laura and I live on the farm with my hubby Ritchie and our three dogs.

We recieve orders from all around the country and deal with a very good courier company who delivers our ceramics to your doorstep.

I hope you enjoy the blog and the beautiful ceramics, if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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